Commander Kade

A Rockman with lots of shells.


7’ Grey skinned Rockman, noticeable chips and “scars” of previous combat, an “unhealthy” love for his shotgun, and all other shotguns. physically powerful but slow on his feet.


There is few things in this universe Kade loves: his shotgun, Ancient Earth military hero General Patton, and the fear in a creatures eye right before it dies. Kade joined the federation so he could enjoy the simple things in life, and have a place to test his strength. He promised his friends he would return with mantis heads and rebel limbs to signify his victory. Kade hated travel but he loved its benefits. now in his new crew he found himself rushing back home with " sensitive information", an unforunate turn of events, but kade had been assured that the trek home would be extremely dangerous, they were being chased and the road ahead was anything but safe. with these comforting words in mind kade relaxed, closed his eyes, and slowly stroked his shotgun. He was ready.

Commander Kade

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