Sgt. Riggs

An ex Federation Security sergeant that has gone mercenary after seeing his best friend die.


6’0" Caucasian male. Athletic build but the alcohol has taken its toll. Noticeably hardened by his upbringing. Blonde hair and blue eyes.


Was raised in the slums of the Federation Capitol. He stayed on the right side of the law and managed to make it into the Federation Galaxy Security Force. He worked his way up to Sergeant and get his own ship. His ship had ran out of fuel, drifting into space, they ran upon debris of a recent battle. His best friend, Sgt. Murtagh, spotted a stasis chamber that they eventually retrieved. When they thawed out what was inside, things took a turn for the worst. The mantis that came out of the cloud of cryogenic fumes cut Murtagh in half. The rest of the crew barely made it out alive. That mantis did enough damage to the life support system that eventually Will was claimed. After some rapid repairs and isolating the life support system to the medbay, Riggs and Victoria waited two weeks with their beacon on to get rescued. Victoria wasn’t the same and neither was Riggs. She took her life and Riggs left FGSF and took up a life of drinking and gunslinging. His hatred for mantis is as deep as the black abyss he flies through. Most recently, he has been taken on by a crew that has information that can help destroy the recent rebel uprising.

Sgt. Riggs

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